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Cell phone tracking has evolved -- understand its impact on you

We've posted previously on the dangers of getting involved in cyber crimes. A related problem, however, is the danger of believing that electronic anonymity is even possible these days -- especially if you're carrying a mini-computer in your pocket in the form of a smartphone.

Cellphones have evolved rapidly -- and understanding how they can be used as evidence of your location at any given time requires understanding how they work.

What happens after a demand letter is sent?

One of the most unnerving points of any personal injury case comes when the first demand letter is sent.

The demand letter details your losses and why you believe you have a right to compensation from the other party. It's essentially a preview of the case that your attorney would make in court if the case were to get that far -- and it starts the real negotiations rolling that can ultimately lead to a settlement.

Cybercrimes to avoid while you are online

Cybercrimes haven't been around for as long as some other crimes, but they are just as serious. As life has transitioned largely to include online financial accounts and other important information, it has become more and more commonplace for people to have their identities stolen.

While identity crime can have a big impact on the victim's life, it isn't the only cybercrime that a person might commit. If you use the internet, it is imperative that you understand some points about these crimes so that you can do your best to avoid them.

Parents need to be on top of medication issues at school

If you have a child who requires regular medication during school hours, the start of every school year can be an annual nightmare.

Because school policies prevent kids from taking so much as an aspirin without having it dispensed by a nurse, you have to rely on a total stranger to make certain that your child gets his or her medication. Not only do mistakes sometimes happen -- some nurses are less-than-conscientious about their responsibilities.

Do you really need a private criminal defense attorney?

Is it worth the expense of hiring a private criminal defense attorney, especially if you may have to borrow from friends or family to do it? Should you just let a public defender handle the job?

If you live in Louisiana, you may be startled to find out that your right to counsel -- one of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution -- is barely being upheld.

Amusement park injuries are no laughing matter

There's nothing amusing at all about an amusement park injury -- but people often don't realize how much they're at risk when they attend anything from the local summer fair to the final weekend of the season at the nearest major theme park.

Statistics from several of the nation's major theme parks indicate that injuries are on the rise. For example, patrons at Disneyland experienced 132 serious injuries in 2016 -- which was 45 more than they had in 2015. At Six Flags, there were 445 major injuries in the same year -- an increase of 95 injuries over the previous year.

Why would your defense attorney delay your trial?

If you're sitting in jail waiting on your trial or even out on bail, you probably don't much enjoy living with the uncertainty surrounding your future.

However, even though you may actually be hoping for a speedy trial, your attorney might prefer to delay proceedings as long as possible.

Drunk drivers are criminally and financially liable

When it comes to senseless and unnecessary death and injury, there is no greater culprit than drunk drivers in Louisiana. Simply put, drivers have numerous options available if they become too drunk to drive.

Drunk drivers can contact an affordable driver through ride-sharing apps like Uber. They can call a taxi. They can call a friend or relative. They can sleep at a friend's house. Or, they can leave their cars where they are and sleep inside them until they're sober enough to drive home.

Louisiana's new criminal law reform changes things for defendants

Louisiana, like much of the rest of the country, has taken a tough stance against crime for quite a while -- but it's not helped the problems in the state over time. Now, the legislature has enacted new laws that take a different tactic.

Ultimately, the goal of the legislative changes is to reduce the population inside prisons by at least 10 percent, which would save the state $78 million in a ten year period. It also hopes to make changes that will help the newly convicted reform -- rather than just warehousing them in prisons year after year and then turning them out back onto the streets when their sentence is over.

Spectacular but seriously dangerous: Fourth of July fireworks

The Fourth of July brings out the most spectacular fireworks displays of the year -- but it also brings along some of the worst injuries to celebrants.

"Independence Day" means a trip to the hospital for an average of 230 people a year -- over 50 percent of those people will be suffering from burns, while the rest will have various other fireworks-related wounds. Hands and fingers account for the majority of the injuries, followed by eye injuries and other head injuries.

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